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Working with a Student in Online Communications 2007



Name: Paul Stengel


Degree Program: MA Instructional Technology and Media

Department: CCTE

Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut

About Me: I taught for six years in Connecticut before I moved to NYC to work at CCNMTL and study at Teachers College. As a high school teacher, I began to see the benefits of integrating technology into the collaborative study of traditional texts. I developed my lessons with the goal of creating a teacher facilitated inquiry-based learning environment for my students. Eventually I developed presentations on the topic of multi-modal instruction and developed a plan of outreach and consultation for colleagues at my school. I am pleased to have the opportunity to research and develop my interests in an academic environment.

Study Notes

Programming I

Project Development

Programming II

Instructional Design Spring2009

Cognition and Learning Summer 2009

Electronic Portfolio

Ask me about these CCNMTL public sites I currently manage

High School Work

Please feel free to check out my electronic portfolio of secondary student work:

  • Shift Happens: A collection of my conference presentations and student work

Favorite Authors

Anne Wysocki

Cynthia Selfe

Sheridan Blau

Jeffrey Wilhelm

Gerald Graff

Peter Elbow

Donald Leu

Charles Kinzer

Henry Jenikins

What I am Reading Online


bookmarks tagged CCTE by paulccnmtl

Now that's Edutainment

Typing of the Dead


My Zotero Research Library

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