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StudyPlace User: Gus Andrews
Gus main ~ Papers ~ Blog ~ Interactive Resume ~ Vita

Contact: gba2101

Degree/Program: EdD - Communication and Education

Department: Math, Science, & Technology

Started: Fall 2003

Departmental twin: Sarah Lohnes (we started at the same time! ^_^)

EGGPLANT Games Lab recommendations: Portal, Katamari Damacy, Odama, Dance Dance Revolution, Bookworm Adventures, Wii Sports, Nintendogs, Electroplankton, Civilization, A Force More Powerful

More about me: Hi. I'm Gus. I got my BA from Hampshire College, and my MEd and my EdD from Teachers College.

I defended my dissertation in April 2010, and graduated in October 2010. I had been writing it on StudyPlace since my earliest days of floundering around looking for a topic; if you're interested in how the project has changed over time, documentation is here, and of course you can also view the dissertation pages' history for a blow-by-blow of my edits.

I am interested in how we know what we know. I've been told that historically this field is called epistemology by philosophers. I don't have the training in philosophy's way of thinking about this. I do have my own history of how I've been developing these thoughts, I've been realizing, and it's pretty idiosyncratic. So I've written up a sort of personal intellectual history to help myself begin to explain what I mean when I say "how we know what we know." In my case, it has a lot to do with traditions of research and professions to which I've been exposed, and the tools they have given me to think with.

A couple of us in CCTE gravitated to StudyPlace to discuss Bruno Latour. He is one of the scholars with the most influence on my thinking; his Actor-Network Theory seems ideally suited to considering technologies and human culture at the same time.

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